Our members are representatives of community organizations and individuals who wish to advance patient/community involvement in the education of health professionals, initially at UBC.

The group arose from the 'Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education?' conference to implement recommendations set by the conference's Vancouver Statement 2015.

Members meet monthly and receive requests to connect university educators with patients/community representatives who are needed for a range of educational activities.


Member Bios

Carolyn Canfield

Engaged "citizen-patients" are transforming healthcare culture to improve patient outcomes and worker satisfaction.Patients in Education (PIE) will counter burnout right from the start of training by cultivating outstanding listening, compassion and leadership. My full-time commitment arose after my husband's preventable 2008 death, triggering no organizational learning. I serve as honorary lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and in 2014 received Canada's first individual Patient Safety Champion by Accreditation Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Johanna Trimble

Johanna belongs to local, national and international patient groups. Her focus is the prevention of over-medication of the elderly and improvement of home-based, coordinated, community care. On the Steering Committee of the Polypharmacy Risk Reduction initiative, she is also a faculty member of the CLeAR project (Call for Less Antipsychotics in Residential Care) for the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, where she was recently appointed a Council member. She is on the Geriatrics and Palliative Care Committee for Doctors of BC and is an honorary lecturer for first year medical students in Community Geriatrics at the University of British Columbia.

Shelley Hourston

Shelley Hourston has a master's degree in library science from UBC and worked for 18 years as a program director at Disability Alliance BC. Her work involved health information advocacy for people with disabilities. Shelley's passion is exploring the wisdom and resilience we gain through life experience. For people with disabilities or chronic illness, recognizing and using that wisdom when interacting with service providers can be difficult. Bridging the communication gap between patient wisdom and health care professionals' expertise is key and led to Shelley's avid support of the Patient & Community Partnership for Education.

Darren Lauscher

I come from the HIV community and am actively involved at the local, provincial and national level. PIE presents a unique opportunity for the public to have an active advocacy role in the educational learning's of our future health care providers. Thus benefitting the Public in the end. My vision is this unique opportunity becomes an embedded part of education curricula across the country truly embracing the concept of "it takes a village". For we as public bring the lived experience, which can never truly be captured in a textbook.

Janice Barr

I am the Executive Director of the Richmond Society for Community Living and a member of InclusionBC. Both organization are committed to supporting and advancing the rights of people with developmental disabilities to become included and contributing citizens. I believe it is imperative that the education of health care professionals involves the opportunity to learn from people with a disability and their families. Understanding the perspective and lived experience of the people that will eventually be their patients will result in more empathetic and effective health care professionals.

Susan J Katz

Susan J Katz believes that receiving and delivering the best of health care will include professional medical care as well as the expertise of the patients themselves. She actualizes her vision through her 'Recovery Narrative, Ink' writing programs where peers with health challenges can share their experiences while producing powerful tools for educating healthcare students, professionals, and the public. She has actively participated in healthcare advisories since 1986. Susan is thrilled to be a member of the Patients in Education Group, working together to expand the patients voice as partners in healthcare. You can read more at

Cheryl Hewitt

Cheryl Hewitt worked with PeerNetBC until her recent semi-retirement. PeerNetBC strives to build strength in community through peer support, which includes a focus on assisting health professionals to appreciate the value of peer support in the continuum of care. Prior to PeerNetBC, she worked for the BC Society of Occupational Therapists and as a community developer for the first health authorities in Greater Vancouver. Cheryl served on the REACH Community Health Centre Board and the Vancouver Richmond Health Board, and is an active member of the Saskatoon Community Health Co-operative. With roots in the co-op sector, Cheryl’s community activism focuses on building citizen involvement in all levels of decision-making about health care as well as advocating for healthy, inclusive and equitable communities.

Larry Dawe

A resourceful and analytical thinker, Larry Dawe (BA Royal Roads Military College/RMC; MBA Dalhousie) has wide experience in consensus building especially in changing environments. A retired Navy Commander, he has held a variety of leadership appointments, working mainly with major projects; especially in software development and project feasibility analysis. More recently he has gained significant experience in volunteer teams working as RCM Police Victims' Assistance case-worker, elected village water system trustee, and BC Ambulance attendant. His 25 year old daughter has been disabled by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) for more than 4 years. He passionately is seeking to improve her quality of life through volunteer activities such as president of the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia (ME/FM) Society of BC and the UBC initiative to meaningfully include patient voices in diagnosis and treatment.

Dan Debeyer

Dan DeBeyer has wide-ranging experience as a patient advocate engaging with a number of different disciplines on a regular basis. In this role, he advocated for and participated in the introduction of a new orthopaedic procedure at BC Children's Hospital. Dan is active within the community, as a mentor for the UBC Health Mentors Program, speaker and participant in the local network supporting patient and community involvement in health professional education. Additionally, Dan's extensive experience within the local life sciences community includes having led product development teams for a range of indications. More recently, he has been involved in web-based technology applications including founding Inspired Patient, a patient centric health management platform aimed to improve health journey management for patients. Additionally, Dan is currently Associate Director, Innovation Translation within the Office of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Providence Health Care. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph and completed his MBA at Queen's University.

Cheryl Johnston

Cheryl is an Educator, and Health Care Advocate who is a firm believer that Inter-professional collaboration and communication is essential for the future of our health care. She wears multiple hats at UBC including; Master Trainer and Facilitator of UVIC / Stanford University Self Management Programs; Education leader and Speakers Bureau for The Arthritis Society; Rheumatology advisory board member;

Shanon McQuitty

Born and bred in B.C., Shanon has been learning about autoimmune disease (lupus) through her closest friend of 25 years. She is a reluctant blogger and offer support through social media and after attending her first ROAR (Reaching Out with Arthritis Research), eROAR2013 she was so very impressed, that she offered her support and joined the APAB to learn more about the great research being done and to spread the word, to give hope to others out there with these diseases advocate for themselves.

Sharon Tomlinson

Sharon Tomlinson has an MBA from the University of Phoenix and has 13 years experience working in Health Awareness, Education and Promotion. Sharon's work experience includes Healthy Heart Society, Heart & Stroke Foundation as their Health Information Coordinator and Muscular Dystrophy Canada as their Services Specialist for BC and Yukon. In her roles, Sharon was responsible for engaging and motivating clients, connecting them with local resources and helping members put into practice the use of various health related self-management tools.

Dianne McPhee

Dianne was diagnosed with scleroderma in 1992 at the age of 40. She became a board member of the Scleroderma Association of British Columbia (SABC) in the late 1990s.She has volunteered to represent scleroderma at the first Health Science Fairs at UBC in 2009 and has continued to represent SABC and the annual Health Science Fair. In addition, she became a member of the UBC Community and Patient Fair Planning Committee in 2010. She would like to add that scleroderma is an illness that she has but scleroderma will never define who she is.

Kent Loftsgard

Since 2011, in addition to his lifelong experience of cerebral palsy and asthma, Kent has contributed his diverse professional expertise in health media production, journalism, and communications to the continual collaborative effort to advance the initiatives of UBC's Patient & Community Partnership For Education.

Grant Dustin

Grant Dustin is a retired teacher, having spent most of his career teaching high school social studies in the public education system in Calgary, Alberta. He moved from Calgary to Vancouver in 2011 to be close to family. Grant's interest in the health care system, particularly from the patient's perspective, is related to his volunteer work with the Scleroderma Association of BC and from his experience as a care giver. His interest in scleroderma stems from his late wife's struggle with this disease for many years. Grant has served on the executive of the Scleroderma Society of Canada and presently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Scleroderma Association of BC.