Special Projects | Patients In Education

PIE has helped university educators find patients to:

Help physical therapy students practice patient interviewing skills

Judge the UBC Health Care Team Challenge student competition

Serve on the UBC Health Awards Committee


Symposium at 2017 C2UExpo in Vancouver, BC. May 1-5, 2017

C2UExpo is a Canadian-led international conference designed to showcase the best practices in community-campus partnerships worldwide.

Angela Towle, Carolyn Canfield, Shelley Hourston, and Darren Lauscher presented the stages of PIE’s journey through sharing stories of our experiences and lessons learned. Topics included: focus on student learning as a way of bringing diverse stakeholders together; role of cultural brokers between university and community; impacts on the community, students and university; and benefits to community of influencing the next generation of professionals.

Oral Presentation at 2017 AMEE (An International Association for Medical Education) Conference in Helsinki, Finland. August 26-30, 2017.

AMEE Conference is the premier education networking event for medical and healthcare professionals from around the world.

PIE member Angela Towle presented the development of Patients in Education as an organization that engages with the university to enrich the education of students through inclusion of the patient’s voice. She described its evolution, lessons learned, and key factors for success during the first 18 months.